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Anum’s Final Fiesta

Taco ‘bout a fiesta! We’re back to show you the details of Anum’s fiesta themed bridal shower ft. some really good tacos.

Let’s start with the infamous taco bar. We had set up the kitchen with fresh torillas, meat, and veggies along with all of the best taco toppings. Extra guac. The bar also included homemade margaritas!

The décor was bright and colorful but, simple at the same time. We wanted the bride’s favorite things (tassels, flowers, and treats) to be our best inspo for this event.

To spice things up, we got some custom mini hot sauce party favors for Anum and her friends! These were customized and ordered through an Etsy seller.

Whole Foods signature cake is the Berry Chantilly – a vanilla layered cake with almond mascarpone chantilly icing and topped with a variety of berries. Of course, we had to have it! The fun sugar cookies were done by Jessica’s Bake Shop and the cactus cookie was our favorite.

Fun activities add a fun twist to any event. Before opening gifts, Anum and her friends played some games and hit the piñata. They also filled out ideas for a date jar and wrote down some sweet words and advice for the bride-to-be.

To help pull all of this together with us, we collaborated with some super talented creatives! Follow them on Instagram and Etsy for great content!

Custom Cookies - Jessica's Bake Shop

Cake - Whole Foods

Party Favors – Etsy- Nonna's Kitchen

Décor – Etsy

Cactus Pinata - Target

Photographer - Hena Husain

Until next time, happy planning!

Nadia Ali

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