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Destination Bachelorette Party 101

I just got done hosting a destination bachelorette party in Miami and wanted to share some planning tips! One of the most exciting parts of getting married for any bride-to-be is no doubt her bachelorette party! But planning this anticipated weekend? Gulp - someone help. Making sure that not only the bachelorette but the entire bride tribe has a blast is a no small feat for the MOH and party planners.

1. Once you choose your destination, pick a theme for all the party swag! There are so many cute bachelorette and bridal party themes out there. Pick one that suits your bride or the location of the trip. For our party, we decided to go with “Bach Shit Crazy” (excuse the language!). Some other ideas are:

· Bride Tribe

· Last Sail Before the Veil

· Aloha Vibes or Aloha Beaches

· I Do Crew

· Drunk In Love

· Team Bride

· Final Fiesta

· Bride Squad

· Last Rodeo

· Let’s Get Nauti

2. Pick something branded with your theme for the whole crew: t-shirts, swimsuits, pins, tote bags, water bottles, tanks, hats, etc. We decided to go with swimsuits since we were going to the beach! The squad wore black one piece “Babe” swimsuits and the bride wore a white “Bride” one piece. In addition to the swimsuits, we customized matching tote bags for the group! The tote bags were great for the beach all weekend.

3. Dress up the party pad with Instagram-worthy decorations! Gone are the days of naughty bachelorette party decorations. Opt for prettier, pinterest-worthy décor that the Future Mrs. won’t be embarrassed to post pictures of. Some of our must-haves are pretty banners, tissue paper tassel garlands and duh, balloons! It’s much easier to decorate a house (when traveling, always check out your Airbnb options in the area) but we stayed in a hotel on the beach. How do you decorate a hotel? Get creative! There are endless options on Etsy or you can find DIY projects on Pinterest. TIP: take 3M hooks for wall decorations.

Below are the decorations we packed:

· A variety of pool floats from Michael’s (diamond ring drink float, unicorn drink float, pineapple float)

· Metallic pink and banana leaf tassel banner from Target

· Tropical Vibes napkins and paper straws from Target

· Pink helium balloons

· Gold confetti from Etsy

· Frosé All Day plastic mimosa cups

4. Plan activities! I’m personally a fan of itineraries but it’s all about the bride! If the bride wants to just go with the flow, limit the number of activities you plan to 1-2 based on the number of days you’ll be at the destination for. We decided to book an all-day pool cabana at the Fontainebleau pool party for a full day of partying. We also planned just one fancy dinner that we made a reservation for ahead of time. Another fun option is working up a sweat at a private spin class! Make it even more festive by requesting a bachelorette party themed ride with songs like Drunk in Love and Single Ladies. The bride-to-be will love burning some cals before all party shenanigans.

5. Include hang over survival kits or weekend essentials kits in the guest gift bags. I found the cute Bach Shit Crazy themed bags on Etsy and stuffed them with face masks, Shout wipes, teeth whitening strips, Advil, make up wipes, mints, hair ties, bobby pins, etc. Also, be sure your room is stocked with plenty of water bottles! Keep your girls hydrated.

6. Use apps like Splitwise or Venmo to easily split costs. Gone are the days of having to spend 30 minutes after dinner sorting out how much everyone owes (THANK GOD). Finally there are apps like Venmo and Splitwise that make splitting costs a little easier. Additionally, be sure everyone in your group has the Uber or Lyft app downloaded on their phones to take turns getting the rides.

7. Plan cute dress up days! For the pool party, we all wore our matching one-piece swimsuits. For another night, our bride wanted to switch things up and wear a black dress while the rest of the group wore all-white outfits. It was super cute because we stood out amongst all the groups with brides in white.

8. Help the bachelorette stand out with must-have accessories for the bride. Make the bride-to-be feel super special with cute accessories just for her like a sash, headband, cute crown or special party cup. Whatever you do, just make sure she stands out from the rest of the group - it's her final fling after all!

9. Games that don’t suck! Plan a few games for the weekend: scavenger hunts, truth or dare, never have I ever, "how well do you know the bachelorette?" quiz and more! Our personal favorite game is the lingerie game! Ask all the guests to bring lingerie for the bride. The bride has to guess which gift is from which person. Put a twist to it! For every guess she gets correct, the group takes a shot and for every guess the bride gets wrong, she takes a shot. Super fun pre-party game.

10. Create a shared, iCloud photo album for the weekend. This tip is super simple and easy, but a total must! Instead of texting pictures to the group after snapping a photo, create a shared, iCloud photo album that everyone can add images to. Not only is this convenient, but the bride-to-be will love reliving her weekend long after the festivities wrap up.

There you have it! Classy, cute and creative bachelorette party ideas the bride-to-be will 100% love. What party ideas or tips do you have from bachelorette parties you've planned? Share any ideas in the comments below!

MOHs and Bridal Party- PARTY OF TWO is here to help! Along with our wedding and event planning services, we also offer Bachelorette Party Planning. Our team can assist in any capacity.

· Full Planning: from assisting with airfare, hotel/Airbnb to putting a weekend itinerary together, we will do it all.

· Décor and Theme Planning: our team will assist with putting together goodie bags, emergency kits, themed decorations, themed swag for the group, etc. We will create a kit with everything you need for the weekend and send you off with it. All your girls will have to do is put it together!

· Itinerary and Activities Planning: Party of Two will do a consultation to get an idea of what your group is interested in doing. We will put together a weekend itinerary, make dinner reservations, book activities, etc. You’ll be provided with confirmation numbers and you’re ready to go!

Email us or find us on Instagram or Facebook! Until next time, happy planning!

-Nadia Ehia

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